Parker Global Strategies LLC (PGS) was founded by Virginia Reynolds Parker in December 1995 to provide customized alternative investment strategies to institutional clients. PGS endeavors to apply its vision to identify important investment themes and constructing cutting edge client solutions for gaining exposure and controlling risk.

In 1996, the company became registered with the SEC as an Investment Adviser and with the NFA as a Commodity Trading Adviser and a Commodity Pool Operator. PGS’ first mandates were for customized FX solutions from several major banks and public pensions to build portable alpha strategies. In 1998, PGS entered into the fund of hedge fund (FoHF) business with the successful launch of the first Japanese retail fund, $366 million. This fund used managed accounts and was the genesis for the Lyxor platform. Since its inception, PGS has designed and managed over 30 different alternative programs with aggregate AUM of over $3 billion and an emphasis on transparency and risk management.

In 2003, PGS recognizing the significance of global growth on the energy and global natural resources markets, started researching these areas along with environmental investing. In 2007, PGS launched a diversified energy fund. PGS launched our single manager fund, PGS Energy Opportunities Trust (EOT) in July, 2008. The strategy focuses on publicly traded US energy infrastructure and was customized for a non-US mandate needing strong liquidity coupled with a portfolio of “best ideas” in the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) space. It was part of the first multi-manager MLP fund, PGS Premier Energy Income Fund (Premier), also launched in July 2008. Both funds have earned numerous awards and are available for investment. EOT has consistently ranked in the top 10 of the Top Performing  Fund energy sector at BarclayHedge, and Premier has ranked first or second in the FoHF sector. These awards were earned during 2011, 2012 and 2013 based on 3 year compounded total returns. PGS’ EOT Fund was awarded “Best Performing Fund of the Year – Energy” by Acquisition International for 2013 and Premier was awarded a HFM  Performance Award in 2013. The PGS Energy Infrastructure UCITS Fund for the EOT strategy was launched in February 2014 and is available for investment.

In 2014, PGS developed an investable fundamental MLP Index and serves as an adviser for the PGS MLP Top 20 Trax Index®.

In January 2008, PGS launched an investable FX Index using the DB Select platform; we then expanded our FX strategy index offering with the investable version of the Parker Currency Managers Index (CMI) in August 2009, the same year Virginia R Parker was inducted into the Profit & Loss Hall of Fame for her contribution in measuring manager performance. In 2011, PGS entered into an arrangement with Citi to provide several indices for investment and custom designed multi-manager FX solutions. PGS has two indices licensed under the CitiFX® Access platform, including the CMI-C Index and EMFX, an emerging market FX index.

PGS is committed to growing and developing our strategies involving energy and U.S. energy infrastructure (MLPs), as well as our index investment solutions for FX. Our strong history in these specialized asset classes supports PGS’ commitment to add significant value in addressing the investment needs of our clients.

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