Smart Beta Indices

Parker Global Strategies LLC (PGS) specializes in the development of smart beta indices  for Global Listed Infrastructure, US Energy Infrastructure (MLPs), and Global Listed ESG strategies. PGS’ Smart Beta indices include:

  • PGS GIS – Global listed infrastructure
  • PGS Top 20 MLPs Trax®
  • PGS FX Index 
  • PGS CMI-C 

In addition to the fund products listed below, PGS has built a suite of investable manager indices for FX, and provides customization and consulting services for listed infrastructure and ESG investing.  

  • Since 1995, PGS has completed 30+ mandates representing in aggregate more than USD $3.0 billion in assets under management.
  • PGS Premier Energy Income Fund (MLPs) was ranked 1st by BarclayHedge Top Performing Funds of Funds with Assets under $250,000,000 in December 2011, 2nd in June 2013, 3rd in June 2014, 3rd in March 2013, 7th in March 2014, and 8th in September 2014.
  • PGS Energy Opportunities Trust (MLPs) was ranked 1st by BarclayHedge Top Performing Hedge Funds in the Energy Sector in both July and August 2015, 3rd for December 2014, 3rd in May 2014, 4th in September 2011, 6th in June 2014,  7th in March 2013, 9th in March 2014, 9th for 2013, and 9th for full year 2014.
  • The Parker FX Index™ started in 1992, underscores PGS’s depth of experience in developing investable manager Indices. Current monthly performance for June, 2016 was +0.15%, +0.97% YTD. Top performer up +6.72% (see Press Releases page for the full report).
  • PGS is a certified MWBE (minority / woman owned firm), registered with the state of Connecticut.
  • Parker Global Strategies was awarded a 2013 HFM Performance Award.  PGS was a finalist for this award in 2014. Please click here to see more of PGS’ awards.HFM_US2013_WINNER_PERF-01
  • Parker Global Strategies was a finalist for three 2015 Investors Choice Awards, sponsored by HedgePo  Please click here to see more of PGS’ awards.HedgePo Investors Choice 2015 Finalist Template High Qual

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