2012 Market Updates

LNG Exports Move Ahead

December 2012 – On December 5, the US Department of Energy (DOE) released a report that evaluated the macroeconomic impacts of LNG exports from the United States. Overall, it was a positive report that exceeded expectations, highlighting multiple economic benefits with little downside. [read more]

LNG Exports Impact for MLPs

December 2012 – This Flash Report highlights the impact of LNG exports for MLPs. [read more]

Comparing US MLPs to US REITs

November 2012 – MLPs and REITs both link their growth and development to the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The Tax Act created the MLP structure as a pass-through entity, thereby eliminating double taxation (corporate and individual). [read more]

World Energy Update

November 2012 – 2012 World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency calls for Substantial Growth in US Oil and Gas Production, establishing more evidence for the US Energy Revolution.  [read more]

MLP Quarterly Update – Third Quarter, 2012

October 2012 – MLPs performed well during the third quarter, helped by a benign macro backdrop and recovery in commodity prices.  [read more]

Energy Revolution in the Marcellus Shale

June 2012 – The Marcellus is a shale formation rich in natural gas and natural gas liquids (western Marcellus). The Marcellus represents the second largest natural gas find in the world, spanning over an estimated 95,000 square miles with an estimated 410 tcf of natural gas.  [read more]

Marcellus Shale Update

June 2012 – The infrastructure build out of pipelines and gathering and processing systems in the Marcellus Shale is in great demand and required to support increased natural gas production.  [read more]

MLPs Are Strategically Positioned to Prosper

April 2012 – The US is the fastest growing energy market in the world. Fracking has been around for over 60 years, but the technology has become very advanced over the past 5 years and changed the entire landscape for the discover, development and production of crude oil and natural gas (“NG”) in the US. [read more]

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