2013 Market Updates

New Technical Renaissance in Fracing Could Increase Recoverable Reserves 50%-75%

October 2013 – Implementation of a new fractionation design may increase recoverable reserves by more than 50% over recent estimates according to industry experts. The new fracing design along with enhanced implementation techniques appears to generate a more effective stimulation of the shale to improve output of recoverable oil and gas. [read more]

Transportation by Rail: Growth in Rail Use Adds Revenue for MLPs

July 2013 – We believe crude transportation by rail will be a tailwind for several MLPs over the next few years. Midstream energy MLPs are in the business of transporting and storing commodities for a fee by an means available. As such, we view Crude by Rail (CBR) as a complimentary revenue stream to the core pipeline business of many energy MLPs. [read more]

Beyond the Shale Revolution: MLP Growth Prospects

May 2013 – Shale production has been so successful that supply has temporarily overrun demand for both natural gas and NGLs in the US. Demand growth has come from capturing market share including exports, feedstock alternatives, crude import displacement and gas vs. coal generation. [read more]

2013 Outlook, MLPs: Orchestrating Logistics for the US Revolution

February 2013 -The US energy revolution is in full force. The traditional economics of supply and demand are driving price changes for crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs) that are forcing the evolution of the gathering, processing, transportation and storage business for these commodities and their byproducts. [read more]

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