Virginia Reynolds Parker, CFA

Ms. Parker’s professional experience in the investment industry is broad, including research, portfolio management, and risk management. Ms. Parker serves as Chief Investment Officer at Parker Global Strategies. She serves as Portfolio Manager of the PGS Energy Opportunities strategy. She has expertise in both traditional and alternative investment strategies. Ms. Parker is well known for developing industry-recognized performance benchmarks for foreign exchange. Her research is widely published, and she is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Ms. Parker edited Managing Hedge Fund Risk: From the Seat of the Practitioner, published in 2000. The book has been one of the best-selling books regarding investment risk. Ms. Parker has been involved in investment management since 1981 when she began managing equity and fixed income investments. She has served as trustee and managed assets for a family office since 1984.

From 1988 until 1995, Ms. Parker was with Ferrell Capital Management, a company she helped build from a start-up into a successful alternative investment and risk management firm. She was a partner, served as Managing Director of Research & Risk Management, and was a member of the Advisory Board. Prior to joining Ferrell, Ms. Parker served a Chief Investment Officer of a family office and has managed equity portfolios since 1982. Ms. Parker launched her career at Johnson & Higgins where she was an account manager for oil & gas exploration and production companies. In 1995, Ms. Parker founded Parker Global Strategies in 1995 to specialize in customizing alternative investment strategies along with risk management oversight for institutions and their clients. She is Chair of the PGS Investment and Management Committees and a member of the Risk Management and the Portfolio Committees. Several energy funds that Ms. Parker manages have received awards in recent years.

Ms. Parker is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts and the CFA Institute, and maintains active affiliations with the Master Limited Partnership Association (MLPA) and Connecticut Hedge Fund Association. She was awarded the Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts over many years.

Ms. Parker currently serves as Vice Chairman for the Board of Visitors (BOV) for the Nicolas School of the Environment at Duke University. She headed the Committee to revise the By-Laws for the School’s BOV IN 2013 and currently serves on the Search Committee for a new dean. She has participated on fact finding trips with the Nicholas School to study the impact of fracking in the Marcellus and also the impact of wildfires in Colorado. Ms. Parker and her husband started an environmental entrepreneurial fund at Duke to support students with startup businesses.

Ms. Parker serves on the Foundation Board of St. Catherine’s School in Richmond, Va. She has served as a delegate for 2013 and 2014 for the National Affairs & Legislation Committee focused on conservation and sustainability for the Garden Club of America. She serves on the National Board of the Speed Art Museum. She is a founding member and Angel of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Ms. Parker was inducted into the FX Hall of Fame in 2009 and was named among the Top 50 Women in Hedge Funds in 2010. Her registrations include Series 3, 22, 39 and 63.

Ms. Parker graduated with an AB in Economics and Political Science from Duke University in 1980. She is a 2003 graduate of the OPM program at Harvard Business School.